Build a Smarter Infrastracture

As we look to Cayman’s future needs and development in support of our economic pillars, we must examine the infrastructural investments in areas, notably, transportation, ports, airport, water, communications, waste management, energy and building technologies to ensure that these investments are cost effective and sustainable.

a. Objective:
Develop a national infrastructure Strategic Report.


  • Identify and prioritise a list of major infrastructure projects and confirm funding sources and timelines.
  • Promote enabling legislation allowing for best practices to expedite infrastructure development (public/private partnerships etc.)
  • Support public and private efforts to collaborate on major infrastructural projects that can attract investment and lead to job creation and development.
  • Promote the establishment of segregated infrastructural funds.
  • Advocate for a fair share of public infrastructure dollars to support programmes that create opportunities for local contractors.
b. Objective:
Invest in critical infrastructure.


  • Modernize the Owen Roberts International Airport by improving terminals, airfield safety and efficiency, passenger experience and accessibility into and out of the airport.
  • Modernize the George Town port by constructing a cruise berthing facility depending on the findings of an environmental impact study while at the same time improving cargo handling capability.
  • Improve waste handling capabilities by introducing recycling efforts, finding environmentally friendly means of disposal for non-recyclables and upgrading the sewage treatment system and opening a new solid waste landfill.
  • Develop a comprehensive and sustainable energy policy.
  • Support public and private efforts to continuously improve wired and wireless communications networks in the Cayman Islands to match or exceed the highest global standards for speed and reliability.