Executive Summary

What makes this economic development initiative different from others?

Future of Cayman The Future of Cayman is different because it has both the public and private sector engaged in its successful outcome. With over 40 different business and government organisations involved - this is the largest and most significant forum of its kind ever to be held in the Cayman Islands.

What’s it all about?

Future of Cayman Today’s climate in the global economy has made it necessary for countries around the world to improve upon their attractiveness and competitiveness to ensure their success. Communities must implement new strategies as available talent, resources, education and quality of life become the necessary focal points in which families, individuals, and investors base their decisions.

Future of Cayman The Cayman Islands Government, the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce and the Future of Cayman Forum are proactive partners in building a stronger community. The Future of Cayman process began with the development and distribution of the first annual Chamber of Commerce State of Business survey, which identified the recent economic, demographic and community trends among Chamber member businesses.

Future of Cayman To enhance the quantitative data, the Chamber invited Government and industry associations’ leaders to serve on a Steering Committee. Their objective was to evaluate the findings of the survey, to consult with their constituencies and to work collaboratively to organise and host a Future of Cayman Forum in late November 2010, with the aim of developing a future economic strategy for the Cayman Islands.

Future of Cayman This Future of Cayman report represents the culmination of results from the driver groups’ discussions, and embodies the objectives and action items geared toward addressing issues and capitalising on opportunities for visionary growth. This report is a tool that has the ability to unify the Cayman Islands public and private sector leadership, and to develop a blueprint for the future of our community.

Future of Cayman As the Cayman Islands prepares for its future, it has the foundation of its strong history to build on. The efforts of the entire community are necessary to transform the challenges that we face into the opportunities that will raise the bar of excellence, and maintain a high standard of quality in community and economic development in the Cayman Islands.