Participant Role during the workshop
1 Facilitator
  • Help the group to achieve it's a agreed objective for the workshop by involving the participant.
  • Guide the participants through each step of the workshop.
  • Help the group reach consensus wherever possible.
  • Support the group to work together towards the common objective.
2 Co-Chairperson
  • Introduce the purpose of the workshop.
  • Provide background information about the driver.
  • Support the group with the directions and decisions.
  • Motivate the participants to participate freely.
  • Participate as an active member with his own ideas.
3 Participant
  • Participate actively during the workshop by giving their valuable inputs.
  • Introduce and identify three to five objectives that you believe would support the driver.
  • Share knowledge from the organization they represent to meet to driver objectives.
  • Adhere to the timelines for each activity during the workshop.




Future of Cayman Each driver workshop was attended by members from government and non-government entities. Each workshop had a chairman and a facilitator. According to IBM research, island competitiveness is usually studied across 11 factors (refer to X Axis in the graph below). When we plot the fifteen objectives against these 11 factors, we can observe that the largest number of objectives was around:


  • Island Strategy & Governance
  • Economic Development
  • Education, Culture and Recreation


Objectives Mapping