Today, we must stand together in the spirit of solidarity to ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for present and future generations of the Cayman Islands. We are a diverse nation with residents from around the world and we have a diverse cultural background; but we must work together with a single focus to chart a path for sustainable economic success for our future.

Success for the future depends on the Cayman Islands’ Public and Private Sector working together, drawing on the combined skills, experience and professionalism of the people in this country who contribute to and depend on the success of our economy.

The singular and overarching priority of Government is to bring about a successful and sustainable economic turnaround. The challenges presented by the current global economic downturn coupled with the Government’s financial situation, although improving, require unique measures to tackle this particular crisis.

Input and suggestions from across the private sector as well as from within the civil service has been plentiful. The challenges of an economic turnaround must be tackled on many fronts and must be based on a profound and genuine desire to ensure a return to excellence and sustainability in the way business is conducted both in the public as well as private sectors. Our commitment to the drivers:  Develop Talent, Create a Business Friendly Environment, Build a Smarter Infrastructure, Enhance the Quality of Life, and Diversify the Economy as identified by the Future of Cayman Forum is strong and we look forward to working with the Driver Groups in the coming months.