Develop Talent

Talent and workforce is key to a prosperous Cayman. We must examine the human capital development of the country, not only in support of current key operating industries, but also in preparation of future industries, as we, like many other nations, look to diversify.

a. Objective:
Ensure successful educational performance at every level


Develop a strategy for private sector contributions to the development of a quality Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) System.

  • Develop an "adopt-a-school" campaign to provide support to schools of the ECCE system, including funding support.
  • Liaise with the Early Years Task Force to determine how best to assist with the ECCE system; this is the most representative group dealing with early childhood education, made up of preschool operators, teachers, parents, education officials, etc.
  • Support upcoming initiatives such as Month of the Young Child (organised by Dept of Children & Family Services, supported by Education) and the ECCE national conference.
  • Assist with disseminating information about the various initiatives via Chamber communications, CISHRP and other organisations.

Ensure inter-sectoral participation in a national campaign to promote the value of education and importance of parental involvement

  • Assist with the national campaign via association contacts, Chamber communications, sponsorships, etc.
b. Objective:
Ensure employers have access to a skilled workforce


Establish mechanisms to support collaboration and communication between government and private sector scholarship programmes.

  • Liaise with the Chamber of Commerce and the C.I. Student Association to develop a website to highlight public and private sector scholarship opportunities in the Cayman Islands.
  • Consult with a few companies that offer scholarships to find out how their scholarships are being utilized, what if any problems they are encountering and how may we be of help to them.
  • Develop a Strategic Report to assist with better partnering of private and public sector scholarship programmes to provide a more comprehensive educational and developmental experience to students, e.g. supplemental funds, job placement before, during and after tertiary education, locally and overseas.
c. Objective:
Create an environment that promotes lifelong learning


Develop mechanisms for private sector participation in Government’s Year 12 Programme (Cayman Islands Further Education Centre – CIFEC) to ensure strong industry input into programming and support for the preparation of young people for the workforce or further education.

  • Contribute to an advisory group to provide input/feedback on programming and other ways to support the programme.
  • Collate information regarding work placement and work experience and how to improve this area and seek greater private sector involvement.
  • Nominate persons or suggest suitable persons/association representatives to form part of this advisory group.
  • Develop the terms of reference for this advisory group.
  • Establish subject area subgroups, i.e. in business studies, literacy, numeracy, etc.